The history of borough Väike-Maarja is interlaced with the name of Georg Lurich. He was borned in here and started his glorious way of heavy athletics from here. On the current plot of land of the "Georgi Maja" or George's House there was a pub "Kaarma kõrts" (Kaarma Tavern) at the end of XIX and at the beginning of XX century. This place was run by by parents of Georg Lurich.
Georgi Maja
And wrestling celebrity itself was brought into the world in the very same building. During his early years of manhood the Kaarma Tavern was the place for already well-known figure to enjoy buns and lemonade. After 1930 tavern was rebuilt by Mr. Maidla. His house is an original of the current building. After suffering serious damages during the fire of 1998, construction went through radical rejuvenation. According to the plans of the owner of the building, entrepreneur Avo Part, pub and store were opened there under the name of Georgi.
Interior of the "Georgi Söögituba" (George's Dining-Room) is designed by Mr. Urmas Kukk.
Idea behind the designing solution is to picture the dining room of the wealthy farm owner from XIX century.
The anteroom of "Georgi Söögituba" acommodates up to 40 people.
Private festive tables can be arranged in the Masters' Room. You can watch home videos and TV over there as well.
An upstair room offers a possibilty to spend a time by playing the American pool.
Meal of the day holds home made food at favourable prices. One can book tables for funerals and weddings.
Caucasian soil, which is last resting place for Georg Lurich, raises grapes for famous Georgian wines. Because of that our house wines are Georgian ones: half-sweet "Kindzmarauli" and dry white "Tsinandali".
Under the roof of "Georgi Maja" you can find:

"Georgi kauplus" ? store.
"Maarjalill"- flowers, chaplets, bunches, gifts.
Reinpaul OÜ, office ? timber business.
Hansapank ? banking services.
Hairdresser's shop.